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H Placement Code

By September 3, 2019September 10th, 2019No Comments

Introducing the ‘H’ Placement Code

ClearAds takes the classification and placement of your ads seriously so from time to time we may introduce a new placement code to assist commercial network broadcasters when placing your ads in appropriate programs.

As a result of increased community concern around the promotion of horror/violent movies and recent consideration of this issue by the Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA), on 2 September 2019 we will be introducing a new ‘H’ placement code for certain movie trailer TVCs.

This placement code will be included in the ClearAds number and will indicate to commercial network broadcasters:

  • The TVC has been classified as a “special care” PG
  • The TVC is for a movie classified M or MA with horror elements OR a movie classified MA with strong violence; and
  • Care should be exercised when placing the TVC in programs likely to attract a substantial child audience.

There is no change to the length of the ClearAds number and it be available to you in the same way all ClearAds approval numbers are communicated to you, including via your Dashboard when you log into Oasis. Here is an example of how the ‘H’ placement code will appear:

H6L1EPE – the first letter represents the placement code   

The new H placement code does not prescribe what constitutes a ‘substantial child audience’, rather it will identify to Networks that the TVC is for a movie that has horror or strong violence and Networks will determine appropriate placement, depending on the nature of the programs in which the TVC will run.

Please note the ‘J’ placement code will still be allocated as a minimum for all other MA films where the TVC is suitable for a PG.