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Digital and Multimedia Advertising Reviews

By October 23, 2020October 29th, 2020No Comments

At ClearAds we provide review and classification services to ensure your ads comply with advertising codes and rules across TV, Radio, Digital, Print, Outdoor and Social Media.

Why use ClearAds for Digital and Multi-platform Advertising?

All ads, including commercials, informercials and Community Service Announcements, need to be classified before they go to air in Australia and ClearAds provides this service. In some cases, such as with Political and Election Advertising, and Therapeutic Goods advertising, the regulation is highly complex, with large penalties for breach of advertising codes and legislation for both the advertiser and publisher – penalties which apply across all advertising platforms.

At ClearAds we’re highly experienced in reviewing and classifying advertising across industries and categories, minimising the risk of a breach and the associated penalties for our clients right across Australia so your ad reaches the desired target audience.

How does it work?

The ClearAds advertising review, classification and approval service is simple. Ads for all categories and formats are submitted through 1 online system: Oasis

1. Go to and login or register as a new user;

2. Select Multiplatform Services;

3. Provide the Advertising details, and upload the select the type of advertisement you’d like to be reviewed and classified;

4. Choose which service you’d like to use: you can apply for our efficient 2 day Standard turnaround, a 1 day Priority turnaround, a 3 hour Red Hot service, new 30 minute Pronto service or after hours service;

5. Upload any supporting documents or claim substantiation information & submit your advertising for approval

ClearAds will be in touch with review and classification information or a request for additional information or amendments so you can get your ad on air as soon as possible!

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